Ninguém merece errar uma palavra e confundir alguém né?

Pensando nisso eu reuni os principais erros e dúvidas dos brasileiros quando falam inglês.

Encare cada artigo como uma pequena aula.

Aprendendo esses erros comuns em inglês, você já dá um bom passo para um inglês mais confiante.

Muitos desses são com base em minha experiência e feedback quando falava com estrangeiros ou quando escrevia textos.

Além disso há outros erros abordados no nosso Guia de Gramática Completo.

Vamos lá?

  1. There is vs There are
  2. Preposições em inglês: “at”, “on” e “in”
  3. Some vs Any
  4. “Do” e “Does”
  5. Who ou Whom
  6. a ou an
  7. Either ou Neither
  8. How much ou How many
  9. Whether ou If
  10. This, that, these e those
  11. Conjunções “And”, “so”, “but” e “because”
  12. Since vs for
  13. Affect vs effect
  14. Its vs It’s
  15. Empathy vs Sympathy
  16. Then vs Than
  17. Whose vs who’s
  18. Lead VS Led
  19. Grey vs Gray
  20. Awhile vs A while 
  21. Farther vs further
  22. Ethnicity vs race
  23. Toward vs towards
  24. Everyday x Every day
  25. Cancelled or canceled
  26. Capital vs Capitol
  27. Cold vs Flu
  28. Concave vs convex
  29. Adviser vs Advisor
  30. Chose vs choose
  31. First, firstly or at first
  32. All right or alright
  33. People e persons
  34. Town e city
  35. Despite in vs spite of
  36. Lay vs lie
  37. Everyone or everybody 
  38. Is there or are there
  39. Learned or Learnt
  40. Among vs amongst
  41. If I were or If I was
  42. From or of
  43. altogether e all together
  44. Worse e worst
  45. Realise e realize
  46. Can not or cannot
  47. I were or I was
  48. Between or among
  49. Somedays or some days
  50. travelling or traveling
  51. Defence vs. Defense
  52. E-mail or email
  53. Less or fewer
  54. Believes or Beliefs
  55. Favorite or favourite
  56. Weather, Whether e Wether
  57. Lay out ou layout
  58. Payed or paid
  59. Labeled or Labelled
  60. Were vs Was
  61. Recurring vs. Reoccurring
  62. Mr., Mrs., Ms. ou Miss
  63. Any time or anytime
  64. Like vs As
  65. Inquire vs. Enquire
  66. Dreamed or Dreamt
  67. Fish ou Fishes
  68. Centre or center
  69. Gross ou Net
  70. which or that
  71. every time or everytime
  72. will not or won’t
  73. people are or is
  74. organization or organisation
  75. former and latter
  76. at the end or in the end
  77. it was or it were
  78. theater or theatre
  79. modeling or modelling
  80. for me or to me
  81. may vs might
  82. talk with or talk to
  83. when x while
  84. in january or on january grammar
  85. have vs has
  86. is or are
  87. color or colour
  88. anyway or anyways
  89. burned or burnt
  90. there is a lot or there are a lot
  91. on-line or online
  92. I have e I’m para idade
  93. mall ou shopping
  94. “make”, “do”
  95. Pretend x Intend
  96. Lost / Missed
  97. Complement x Compliement
  98. Break x Brake
  99. Ascent x Assent
  100. something x anything
  101. come and go
  102. It to vs with
  103. A lot of vs very
  104. Either or ou neither nor
  105. What I did yesterday vs What did I do yesterday (Question Order)
  106. So vs Such
  107. The people doesn’t or the people don’t
  108. at normal vs normally