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Interprete o texto a seguir com especial atenção às partes grifadas e responda às questões que se seguem.

Emma is planning a surprise birthday party

We’re having a surprise party for my mother this weekend. Her birthday is on Sunday, and I think she will be very happy to see all her friends and family gathered to celebrate it. Last night, we talked and decided that Kate, my mother’s best friend, is going to help us with the invitations. That way, I’m almost positive that all of my mother’s closest friends will attend the party. Harper, my younger sister, is going to bring the cake. I’m almost sure she will buy a red velvet cake which is my mom’s favorite flavor. Lucas, my older brother, is responsible for the decoration. I think he’ll probably choose an ’80s theme since my mom is obsessed with that. In an hour, my father is going to the grocery store. I asked him to buy all the food and drink we needed. I hope he doesn’t forget anything. Meanwhile, I’m going to stay at home distracting my mother so she doesn’t notice anything. We’ve been planning this party for a long time, and I won’t be the one to ruin the surprise. I’m so excited to see her reaction. I think I’ll record everything!


  1. How does Emma think her mother will react to seeing all her friends and family?
  2. Who is going to help the family with the party invitations?
  3. Who does Emma think will attend the party?
  4. Who is going to bring the cake to the party?
  5. Will Harper buy a red velvet cake?
  6. Will it be an ’80s-themed party?
  7. Who is going to the grocery store? What is this person going to buy?
  8. Who is going to stay at home? What is this person going to do at home?
  9. Will Emma ruin the surprise?
  10. Is Emma sure she will record the party?

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