Texto Past Continuous

Vamos treinar nossa interpretação de texto utilizando o Past Continuous?
Para começar, leia o texto abaixo com atenção e responda às perguntas que se seguem.

Chloe visits her grandparents
It was Friday, and I decided to visit my grandparents at their country house. I was getting ready to go when I noticed what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and some skirls were climbing the trees. I was sure it would be a great afternoon with my family, and I was not mistaken. When I arrived at my grandparent’s house, grandma got very excited to see me and was already baking me some chocolate cookies. She was wearing a lovely apron, but it was covered with flour. I smiled at her and asked where grandpa was. She said he was looking for his fishing equipment in the garage. When I went there, he gave me a huge smile. I was so happy to see them!


  1. What was Chloe doing when she noticed what a beautiful day it was?
  2. Why was it a beautiful day?
  3. What Chloe’s grandmother was doing when she arrived?
  4. What Chloe’s grandmother was wearing?
  5. What Chloe’s grandfather was doing in the garage?

Agora, vamos aplicar o Past Continuous para responder a algumas perguntas pessoais:

  1. Was it raining when you got up today?
  2. What were you wearing to work or school yesterday?
  3. What were you doing at 12 p.m. the day before yesterday?
  4. Were you studying English this morning?
  5. Where were you living last year?

Para finalizar, teste seus conhecimentos com as perguntas abaixo:

  1. Em que situações podemos utilizar o Past Continuous?
  2. Qual é a estrutura do Past Continuous nas frases afirmativas, negativas e interrogativas? 
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