Texto em Inglês 95 – What is your favorite hobby?


My favorite hobby is drawing. I have always loved art ever since I was a child. My parents used to buy me crayons and I would draw on the walls instead of on paper. They got upset that I drew on the walls so they bought me chalk to draw on the sidewalk instead. I would spend everyday outside with my chalk set drawing flowers and trees with the other kids in my neighborhood. It was most fun in the summer because I would get to run through the sprinklers and watering hose when my parents sprayed the sidewalk down to give me a new canvas to draw on the next day. As I got older, I learned to draw with colored pencils instead of chalk. But I still love to draw flowers and trees to this day. My favorite flower to draw is a sunflower.

What is your favorite hobby? Do you like to draw, play sports, or watch movies?


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