Texto em inglês 78 – Have you ever seen a camel?


Richard has never seen a camel in real life because there are never any opportunities to see camels in his hometown. Ever since Richard was a child, he was always incredibly interested in the camel humps and how an animal could comfortably walk long distances with a hilly-shaped back. Because of his fascination with their backs, camels eventually became Richard’s favorite animal. As a child, Richard made a promise to himself that one day he would travel to Egypt and ride a camel.

Now that Richard is older, he finally has saved up enough money to buy a plane ticket to travel to Egypt for vacation. Richard is beyond ecstatic to finally accomplish his lifelong goal of seeing a camel in real life. He will be traveling with a group of his best friends to Egypt to celebrate their university graduation.

Every night he has trouble sleeping because he is so excited thinking about finally meeting a camel face to face.


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