Texto em Inglês 68 – What’s your best friend’s name?


My best friend’s name is Diana. She is a year older than me and is one of the smartest people I know. Her intelligence isn’t based on books, trivia, or academia, but rather social intelligence with understanding people, their intentions, and how to handle all types of personalities with ease. I have never been someone who easily made friends so seeing how comfortably she talks to new people and gets an accurate feel of who they are was a great shock to me.

She observes someone’s behavior when they are around others as well as in private because she believes you cannot trust someone based on a single instance. Her social intelligence and understanding of how to deal with all types of people are much more impressive than she ever lets people know because she is humble and does not feel it’s a skill to brag about. But I think that she is incredibly smart and I hope to continue learning valuable lessons about interpersonal relationships from her.


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