Texto com Future Perfect Continuous

Hello, student!

Are you ready for a road trip?

Leia o texto a seguir sobre a viagem de carro que Abigail está fazendo com sua família e analise o uso do Future Perfect Continuous.

Abigail’s road trip

Abigail is going on a road trip with her parents this weekend. Their car is a little old but safe to drive for long hours. They are going to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which is a long way. They will have been driving on the Pacific Coast Highway for over three hours by the time they arrive at their destination. Abigail is responsible for the entertainment during those hours. So, she knows she will have been telling thousand of jokes by the time they finally get to the hotel. She will be tired because she will have been telling joke after joke, playing game after game in the car. Also, she will be cranky and in need of a real meal because she knows they will have been eating a lot of junk food along the way.

Agora, responda às perguntas abaixo:

  1. Where will they have been driving for over three hours by the time they arrive at their destination?
  2. How many jokes will Abigail have been telling by the time they get to the hotel?
  3. Why will Abigail be tired?
  4. Why will Abigail be needing a real meal?
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