Lista Completa de Preposições Aprimore a Comunicação em inglês

Aprender qualquer coisa de gramática costuma ser difícil, ainda mais ter que decorar a classe gramatical de cada palavra, certo? 

O lado bom é que preposition é uma classe fechada, então só existe, aproximadamente 150 preposições em inglês.

Então para te ajudar, trago a lista completa das preposições em inglês com exemplos para deixar o seu aprendizado ainda mais fácil.

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Mas antes, que tal fazer uma breve revisão do que são as preposições?

O que são preposições? 

Prepositions são nada mais do que palavras de conexão dentro das frases, conferindo-lhes certos significados. Por essa razão, elas são extremamente importantes na construção gramatical e de semântica.

For example: “I go to work every day”.

Concorda que a frase ficaria estranha se tirássemos a preposição to? Além disso, se por acaso a trocássemos por toward o significado também seria completamente diferente.

Elas podem tanto ser palavras pequenas e únicas, sendo assim simple prepositions, quanto serem mais longas e compostas por mais de uma palavra, assim sendo complex prepositions. 

Fora isso, elas também podem ter a função de conectivos para orações subordinadas.

Por fim, as preposições em inglês costumam ser classificadas em place, time, movement, source, measure, possession e agente or instrument.

Preposition song

Lista das 150 preposições em inglês

Nesta lista, você vai perceber que algumas prepositions são bem mais comuns do que outras, então não precisa se preocupar em decorar tudo.

Além disso, também há aquelas preposições que são mais usadas na variante britânica do que na americana e vice-versa. Nesses casos, dê preferência para usar as que estão de acordo com o tipo de inglês que você aprendeu.

Quadro mostra uma jovem estudando com fones de ouvido

Agora vamos para a lista completa de preposições em inglês com exemplos: 

  1. Aboard: Oh, you lost Suzy! She just climbed aboard the train.
  2. About: Please, let’s not talk about yesterday.
  3. Above: I think we are flying above Seatle now.
  4. Across: The theater is across the street. 
  5. After: I will call you after the meeting.
  6. Against: I’m totally against what John said.
  7. Along: Let’s go jogging along the beach tomorrow morning.
  8. Alongside: The girls worked alongside the boys to win the competition. 
  9. Amid: The band made the show amid the screams of the public.
  10. Amidst (uso poético): “[…] it had never occurred to me that amidst the hallelujahs one tongue would dare be dumb […]” – Emily Dickinson.
  11. Among: There is a traitor among us.
  12. Amongst (comum no inglês britânico): “But the bravest man amongst us is afraid of himself.” – Harry Potter.
  13. Anti: Our boss is anti– everyone’s idea.
  14. Around: Will asked me to go cycling with him around the neighborhood.  
  15. As: Cass is working as a barista.
  16. Astride: She rode the horse astride.
  17. At: Sorry, Philip is at work right now.
  18. Atop (poetic): Atop this crag/ I am to spend a traveller’s night” – Ono no Komachi
  19. According to: According to Anna, the argument was terrible. Maybe they will divorce.
  20. Ahead of: Oh, you arrived ahead of the time.
  21. À la: She has an atmosphere à la Hollywood’s golden age.
  22. Along with: This weather calls for fried chicken along with beer.
  23. Apart from: Everyone agrees with you, apart from Peter. 
  24. As for: As for Dean, let him grab his own dinner.
  25. Aside from: I loved all the dresses, aside from the yellow ones.
  26. As per: We should behave as per the law. 
  27. As to: As to what you said earlier, I don’t think it’s right.
  28. As well as: I’m going to invite Stella as well as Michael to my birthday.
  29. Away from: Juliet and Romeo ran away from their families. 
  30. Bar: Everyone confirmed the invitation, bar Sandra. 
  31. Barring: Barring a miracle, he’s going to have severe impairments. 
  32. Before: I will call you again before the meeting.
  33. Behind: Do you see the guy behind us? He’s Anna’s ex.
  34. Below: The test’s result is below the average.
  35. Beneath: Tobby is hiding beneath the bed.
  36. Beside: Can I sit beside you?
  37. Besides: His favorite hobby is painting, besides playing the piano.
  38. Between: Oh, stop, nothing is happening between us.
  39. Beyond: Nowadays, people are living beyond the age of 60.
  40. But: I have something to tell you, but it’s a secret, okay? 
  41. By: By the time Thomas arrived, the dinner was cold.
  42. Because of: Because of the traffic, Thomas was late for our family dinner.
  43. But for: But for Peter, Anna could be a successful actress.
  44. By means of: Steve is studying in a course taught by means of lectures and seminars.
  45. Circa: Shakespeare was born circa 1600.
  46. Concerning: I have a meeting concerning my promotion.
  47. Considering: Considering the weather, we’re going to have to cancel our beach vacation.
  48. Counting: We are traveling in a group of 5 people, or 6, if counting the baby.
  49. Cum: He is a singer-cum-songwriter.
  50. Close to: My house is close to the central park.
  51. Contrary to: Contrary to everyone’s expectations, they are still together.
  52. Despite: They are together despite everything that happened.
  53. Down: Suzy’s house is down the street.
  54. During: During my graduation years, I practically lived in the library.
  55. Depending on: The vocabulary varies, depending on each part of the USA the person is in.
  56. Due to: Your tiredness can be due to depression.
  57. Except: You can buy any dress except the yellow. She hates yellow.
  58. Excepting: I can eat everything excepting peanuts. I’m allergic.
  59. Excluding: The gym opens every day excluding Sundays.
  60. Except for: Everyone came to my party, except for Michael. He was traveling.
  61. Following: We had dinner following the movie.
  62. For: Here, I brought this ice cream for you.
  63. From: Anna just received a call from Peter.
  64. forward of: Oh, your seat is forward of mine in the airplane.
  65. further to: Further to our most recent meeting, I am enclosing the relevant documents for your inspection.
  66. Given: Given what we know, Anna is right to ask for a divorce.
  67. Gone (comum no inglês britânico): He said he was coming by six but it’s already gone eight.
  68. In: During my graduation years, I practically lived in the library.
  69. Including: We are traveling in a group of 6, including the baby.
  70. Inside: I can feel butterflies inside me whenever I see him.
  71. Into: I just saw Steve going into the jewelry shop.
  72. In addition to: In addition to his Porshe, he has a Ferrari and a Range Rover.
  73. In between: All their friends are in between Peter and Anna.
  74. In case of: Just call me in case of an emergency. I hate talking on the phone.
  75. In face of: In face of an emergency, call me.
  76. In favour of: Do you believe it? Anna rejected Thomas in favour of Peter.
  77. In front of: We can meet in front of the mall.
  78. In lieu of: Nowadays, companies pay extra hours with extra time off in lieu of money.
  79. In spite of: We are going to the beach in spite of the bad weather.
  80. Instead of: On our trip, do you want to go to Italy instead of France?
  81. In view of:  In view of your cold, we are going to delay our trip.
  82. Less: My salary is $2000 less tax.
  83. Like: My sister is like my mom, with the same personality.
  84. Minus: 50 minus 30 equals 20.
  85. Near: The theatre is near the mall.
  86. Notwithstanding: Notwithstanding all the arguments, I think they still love each other.
  87. Near to: There is a restaurant near to the theatre, so we can catch dinner later.
  88. Next to: Can we pick a coffee on the way? There is a cafeteria next to the office.
  89. Of: Do you want a cup of coffee or prefer tea?
  90. Off: Take your hands off me!
  91. On: Can you pick my book? It’s on the table.
  92. Onto (comum no inglês americano): she is climbing onto the tree.
  93. Opposite: They sat opposite to each other to discuss their problems. 
  94. Outside: Don’t forget your jacket, it’s cold outside the house.
  95. Over: Look at this bird flying over our heads. So beautiful!
  96. On account of: It’s time to stop to worrying on account of everyone else. I have to focus on myself.
  97. On behalf of: I came to talk to you on behalf of Peter. He is ashamed of his actions.
  98. On board: I feel sick when I’m on board a ship.
  99. On to (comum no inglês britânico): You have to read on to know all the story.
  100. On top of: The cat is taking a nap on top of the bookshelf.
  101. Opposite to: There is a market opposite to our school.
  102. Other than: I can’t imagine myself with anyone other than you.
  103. Out of: Darling, can you step out of the room for a second?
  104. Outside of: We are going to go cycling outside of the city.
  105. Owing to: We have to cancel our trip owing to the bad weather.
  106. Past: He drove past me but didn’t offer a ride.
  107. Pending: Flights were suspended pending the rain to stop.
  108. Per: The limit on this road is 80 miles per hour.
  109. Plus: 20 plus 30 equals 50.
  110. Pro: I’m pro-human rights.
  111. Preparatory to: She did her makeup preparatory to her date tonight.
  112. Prior to: I never fell in love prior to meeting Sara.
  113. Re: Dear Mrs. Smith, Re: your fax. We would like to inform you that the problem is already resolved.
  114. Regarding: Mr. Jones, I would like to talk to you regarding my promotion.
  115. Respecting: Mr. Jones, I would like to talk to you respecting my promotion.
  116. Round: We are waiting for you round the table.
  117. Regardless of: Regardless of what you have to say, I don’t trust you anymore.
  118. Save (formal): In the meeting, all save Mrs. Smith were present.
  119. Saving (formal): Saving Mr. Jones, nobody paid attention to my presentation. 
  120. Since: We have been friends since we were 5.
  121. Save for: Everyone is going to Taylor Swift’s concert, save for Thomas; he is not a fan.
  122. Than: This skirt is prettier than that one.
  123. Through: We have to go through the tunnel. 
  124. Thru (comum no inglês americano): We have to go thru the tunnel.
  125. Throughout: Sorry, I’m going to work throughout the day
  126. Till: Today I’m working from 8 am till 7 pm.
  127. To: The gym is open from Monday to Saturday.
  128. Touching: Touching your recent actions, we need to talk.
  129. Towards (comum no inglês britânico): I drove towards the beach.
  130. Toward (comum no inglês americano): I drove toward the beach.
  131. Thanks to: Thanks to my mom, we had a wonderful time.
  132. Together with: I went to a party together with my sister.
  133. Under: “Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there” – The Little Mermaid 
  134. Underneath: He was sleeping, so I put a pillow underneath his head.
  135. Unlike: It’s unlike Anna to be so hot-tempered. 
  136. Until: Let’s wait to eat until Thomas comes.
  137. Up: Can you pick the dog up the stairs? 
  138. Upon: She wore a jacket upon her revealing dress.
  139. Up against: Our team is up against a strong opponent.
  140. Up to: That was a church up to 1200, but now is just ruins.
  141. Up until: I tolerated you up until now, but I can’t anymore.
  142. Versus: Now, it’s Anna versus Peter.
  143. Via: The Brazil to Korea flight goes via England.
  144. Vis-à-vis: I need to talk to Carol vis-à-vis the wedding.
  145. With: I’m going to Philip’s party with my sister today.
  146. Within: the report will be finished within 40 minutes.
  147. Without: I came without my sister because she was bothering me.
  148. Worth: This Gucci bag is worth $15.000
  149. With reference to: With reference to the report you asked for, I’ve finished it now.
  150. With regard to: I’d like to talk to you with regard to your paper.

Uma dica para te ajudar a decorar essa lista é aprender a Preposition Song, que é ensinada para crianças na escola. Aprender com música ajuda bastante quem está no caminho da fluência, então vale a pena das uma chance.

Outra forma de te ajudar a decorar é ver mais exemplos e procurar reconhecer as preposições em inglês ao ler textos na língua. Até mesmo observar quais são as mais comuns e se concentrar nelas.

Então não há mais desculpa, é hora de virar um expert no idioma.

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