Texto em Inglês 99 – What’s your favourite season?


My favorite season is summer. Summertime is the perfect weather to go outside and relax! I love how bright and warm it is. The sunlight brings me lots of joy and happiness compared to the gloomy weather in winter. The best part about summertime is going swimming or to the beach. It feels so refreshing to swim in a pool or the ocean when it’s really hot outside. And then after swimming it is great for a bonfire on the beach. It’s so nice to spend time with friends around the fire, sing songs, and make smores.

My favorite thing to eat during the summer is watermelon. It’s so refreshing and hydrating after a long day outside when the weather is really hot. A tip I learned about eating watermelon is to cut them into cubes and freeze them. They are just as delicious and stay colder much longer! I also like to blend watermelon to make watermelon juice, which tastes just as good as eating watermelon whole.


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