Texto em Inglês 93 – Where do you live?


I live on a farm in the countryside where there are large fields of green grass and lots of animals. Everyday I wake up early and help my family with chores around the house and take care of the animals. My favorite animals to take care of are the horses and the cows. When I’m finished working, I like to play with my dog in the empty fields. His name is Balto and he loves to play fetch with tennis balls. The houses in my neighborhood are very far apart so it’s often very quiet all day. The nearest market and store are a twenty minute drive from my house but I rarely go to the market because my family grows most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat. We grow food like corn, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, apples, and oranges. It is hard work living on a farm but I find it really fun and fulfilling.


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