Texto em inglês 92 – Have you followed any TV series for a really long time?


Henry is a huge fan of the show Grey’s Anatomy, which has been airing on television since 2005. Although he has never been interested in medical drama shows before, he was instantly hooked after watching the first episode of the show. He finds the different relationships between the many doctors and interns at the hospital very interesting because everyone’s personalities are so different, yet they all have the same drive to become successful surgeons. The character he relates to the most is Christina Yang, a cutthroat intern who doesn’t have time for goofing off and takes her job very seriously. When at home, Henry has no problem having fun and being silly, but when he wants to be serious, Henry is very focused and determined to accomplish his goals, just like Christina Yang. Even after eighteen seasons, Henry is still very invested in the show and makes sure he never misses it on TV every week.


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