Texto em inglês 91 – Where do you often go in summer?


When I was growing up, I used to visit my family in Canada for one month every summer. Because we lived in different countries, I didn’t get to see my family in Canada often so these summer trips were really important to me. My uncle would pick me up from the airport and let me stay in his guest bedroom. It was super fun because my room was next to my cousin’s room so we would always sneak into each other’s room at night to stay up and play past our bedtime. I was always so grateful for my uncle who took off work during my vacation in order to take me and my cousin around Vancouver to explore and sightsee. As someone born and raised in New York, visiting suburban Vancouver was always a big culture shock to me. It was much more quiet and slow, which I really liked compared to the busy subways and crowded streets of New York.


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