Texto em inglês 90 – What are you doing this year to improve yourself?


With the new year, there are many ways to improve yourself in different ways. Three great tips include exercising regularly, drinking lots of water, and checking in with your mental health. These tips are really important because they work on both mental and physical health. Exercising regularly isn’t just about losing weight or getting fit. There are many mental benefits like reducing anxiety and negative moods while improving self esteem. These can help the mind in addition to keeping the body healthy and fully functioning. Drinking enough water is also important because it helps with both energy levels and brain function. Our bodies need water to survive, so it is essential to drink enough to stay healthy. Lastly, checking in with your mental health is a great way to improve yourself and understand what your body needs. It’s very easy to forget what our bodies need when we’re so busy living our everyday lives, but we must also prioritize how we feel in order to be our happiest.


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