Texto em inglês 88 – Have any of your wishes ever come true?


Andrew’s dream was to become a chef for as long as he could remember. From his earliest memories, he remembered seeing his father in a white apron and matching hat in the multiple restaurant kitchens. Even though his father was sweaty and tired in the kitchen behind the hot stove, Andrew always saw a big smile on his father’s face every day at work. Seeing how happy his father was making food for people made Andrew want to try cooking too. When he turned five years old, he asked his father to start teaching him how to prepare simple dishes at home. This was the start of Andrew’s journey to discovering his passion for cooking as well. As he got older, his love for cooking only grew and so his dream was to get accepted into culinary school. At eighteen years old, Andrew applied and was later accepted into his dream culinary school in New York called the Culinary Institute of America. Andrew was so happy he cried at the thought of fulfilling his dream and following his father’s footsteps.


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