Texto em inglês 83 – What was your best memory from when you were a child?


As a young boy, Greg’s favorite memory was going to the local aquarium for the very first time on a school field trip in the second grade. Ever since he was little, Greg was too scared to go into the ocean because he couldn’t swim. His older brothers used to tease him for staying on the sand instead of going into the water when his family would spend the day at the beach. But everything changed for Greg when his class went to the local aquarium. He was finally able to enjoy all of the things about the ocean without actually being inside of the water. As he observed the different tanks of animals and underwater plants, he got to learn about the ecosystem without the fear of not knowing how to swim. His favorite room was the jellyfish exhibit, where all of the lights in the room were turned off so that people could see the jellyfish glow in the dark in the tanks.


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