Texto em inglês 80 – Are you born in Jakarta (Or your language partner’s city/country)?


Megan was born in Mexico but grew up in South Korea. Her mother was pregnant and gave birth to her while on vacation in Mexico a month before she was supposed to be due. Megan’s birth was unexpectedly in Mexico, but her parents were happy that she was healthy despite being born sooner than anticipated.

Shortly after Megan was born, her parents took her to South Korea where their home was. Megan grew up speaking Korean and conversational English from school but always wanted to learn Spanish because of where she was born.

When Megan was in high school, she decided to enroll herself in a Spanish class at a local international school to fulfill her dream of speaking Spanish. She studied really hard and found that she really enjoyed speaking Spanish, especially when she had to roll her tongue for certain letters and sounds. Now, Megan is trilingual and speaks Korean, English, and Spanish fluently.


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