Texto em inglês 75 – Do you have plants in your home?


When I move out and have my own home, I want to have lots of plants all around my house. Growing up, my family has always been really into spending time outside and gardening. Naturally, I picked up this interest as well and love to surround myself around fresh air and greenery. Seeing a plant in a room instantly makes me feel better just by looking at it!

I think having plants make homes feel cozier and more exciting because it feels like someone actually lives there instead of looking like a furniture catalog, which is very important to me. Every room in my house will have plants depending on how much light filters in through the windows. I already have a list of plants I plan to grow for every type of environment within a home. The most important room to me is my kitchen, which I will fill with lots of herbs and small fruits that I can grow from the windowsill.


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