Texto em inglês 74 – Have you ever fought with a bully?


When Victor started his first job after graduating college, he encountered his first bully. He thought bullies didn’t exist after high school but to his surprise, he found his coworker was definitely a bully. Victor worked at an ice cream shop near his house to start making money to save up to move out into his own apartment. His coworker found out this information and began to tease him relentlessly for still living at home.

Every day when Victor came to work, his coworker would make jokes about him still being a child living off of his parents. His coworker even went as far as pushing him around in the breakroom when the manager wasn’t around and dumping chocolate sauce on Victor’s uniform when Victor wasn’t looking. Victor didn’t understand why his coworker disliked him so much that he felt the need to bully Victor

when they were both adults. After weeks of harassment, Victor decided enough was enough and reported his coworker to the manager.


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