Texto em inglês 73 – Have you ever travelled solo?


Do you think you could ever travel somewhere by yourself? It can be really liberating to go to a new place where no one knows who you are and discover the area by yourself. Traveling by yourself can build self-reliance, street skills, and adaptability since there is no one else you can rely on but yourself.

But there can also be downsides to traveling solo too. It is often more dangerous to travel by yourself than in a group because a travel companion would immediately notice if you went missing. Traveling alone also can make you a more obvious target than others to begin with.

However, if you take the appropriate precautions to stay safe during your trip, you can have a fun and safe vacation all by yourself! There are many people who travel around the world solo, some of whom even prefer it. Just be sure to do your research about whether or not your destination is safe and suitable for solo traveling.


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