Texto em inglês 72 – Have you ever been to a nightclub?


Michael and his friends love to party. Every weekend they go to the local nightclub and purchase a table to hang out and drink at. Oftentimes, there are random club-goers who try to befriend them in order to get free alcohol from Michael but he doesn’t like to give away drinks that he and his friends paid for themselves.

But one day, Michael met a girl at the club and had an interesting conversation with her. It surprised him because he didn’t expect to have a quality conversation with anyone in a place like a nightclub. She didn’t ask him for any favors or free drinks, which made Michael really happy. At the end of the night, he decided to ask for her phone number, which she happily gave to him. He texted her the next day and they couldn’t stop texting each other back and forth all day. By the end of the week, Michael was sure he was interested in this girl and asked her out on a date.


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