Texto em inglês 71 – Have you ever received a terrible gift?


When Rebecca was fourteen, she had the worst birthday ever. It was her first year starting high school and so she was really nervous about celebrating her birthday at school. Most kids at her school had friends who made them birthday signs to wear all day that told everyone it was their birthday, birthday balloons, and sometimes even a sash that said, birthday girl or boy.

On the day of Rebecca’s birthday she was hopeful that her friends would do something special for her too. But much to her disappointment, none of her friends remembered it was her birthday at all. She kept her mouth shut and watched as other students who shared her birthday got to share it with everyone while no one knew it was her birthday too. But when her sister and her sister’s best friend came to pick her up from school, her sister’s best friend gave her a cupcake and wished her a happy birthday, which brought tears of gratitude to Rebecca’s eyes.


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