Texto em Inglês 70 – What’s your facebook id? Can we be friends on facebook?


I have just created my Facebook account. It was incredibly easy to set up. I went to the official website and clicked sign up. Then I created an account with my email and started to set up my profile. I put my real name and a fun photo of myself. Then I went to the biography section to fill in a few fun facts about myself. I have seen some profiles that do not list any information, which is completely fine because Facebook doesn’t force you to put any information you don’t feel comfortable publicizing.

After updating my bio, I selected some of my interests and hobbies to personalize my profile. I followed a few Facebook groups for things like animals or volunteer work so I can stay updated on the things I am interested in. The final thing I did was search for my friends and family to add them as my friends. This was my first social media account so I was very excited to customize my profile!


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