Texto em inglês 69 – What’s your way to pass time?


Elizabeth’s favorite pastime was photography. Ever since she was a child, she always enjoyed looking at the world through a lens because it was the only way to preserve the beauty of a moment for her to cherish again later. Her family used to ask her why she couldn’t just be present at the moment and relive the good times with her memory later but Elizabeth told them that simply remembering what happened wasn’t enough for her. It didn’t feel real enough for Elizabeth because it was only in her head. But having a tangible photo reminded her that how she felt in that moment was real.

So when Elizabeth turned thirteen, her parents bought her a digital camera so she could take an endless amount of photos. She was so happy and took photos of everything from her food to her backyard to every birthday her family celebrated. Elizabeth felt great joy and pride whenever she looked at her photos because they were evidence of her happiest moments.


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