Texto em inglês 62 – Summers are beautiful in my country!


Fred is originally from Singapore but will be moving to Canada next summer. The weather in Singapore feels like summer year-round because it is close to the equator. Both the temperature and humidity levels in Singapore tend to stay the same all year long. Because he grew up his whole life living in Singapore, the heat doesn’t bother Fred much. After visiting Canada on vacation with his family, he fell in love with the country and instantly knew he wanted to settle down there instead.

The weather in Canada is completely different from Singapore. Canada has distinct seasons and can get extremely cold in the winters whereas winter doesn’t really exist in Singapore. Though Fred doesn’t hate the Singaporean heat, he is still excited about cooler weather in his new home. Not only is the summer temperature lower in Canada, but the humidity levels at their highest are still significantly lower than the year-round humidity levels in Singapore.


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