Texto com Verbos em Inglês

Hello, student!

Today we will learn how important verbs are for communicating actions and states.

Para tanto, leia o texto abaixo com bastante atenção aos tempos verbais utilizados e responda às questões subsequentes.

Difference between past and present lifestyles regarding education

People are always comparing Past and Present Lifestyles in many different areas, but today we will read about some interesting facts regarding past and present education. Take a look:


Past: In the past, people didn’t get the chance to educate themselves. Most people used to work on farms. Yet with time, people started to go to religious institutes like churches and temples to learn. Then, later, after the industrial revolution, even the children of agricultural families were sent to the town to learn how to work with the machinery. With colonization, people also started learning languages and sciences. The most important fact is that all these changes in education happened only in men’s lives. Women were kept at home to do the daily work.

Present: With the revolutions and freedom actions taking place all over the world, women started to fight for their rights in terms of voting, education, and politics. These freedom fights were granted after several struggles. Today, most women get a good education despite their religion, ethnicity, and race. People now have access to books, magazines, and the internet, and students are much more advanced in terms of education and access to knowledge.

(Fonte: Adaptado de Difference Between < https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-past-and-vs-present-lifestyle/>)

  1. When it comes to Past and Present Lifestyles, what are people always doing?
  2. How was education in the past?
  3. What did most people use to do in the past?
  4. When did people start seeking education?
  5. What happened with colonization?
  6. Were women allowed to study in the past?
  7. When did women start to fight for their rights in terms of education?
  8. How is education in the present according to the text?
  9. What do people have access to in the present?
  10. Can women get an education nowadays?

Agora, identifique os verbos do texto que estão nos seguintes tempos ou modos verbais:

  1. Simple Present
  2. Simple Past
  3. Present continuous
  4. Future
  5. Imperative
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