Texto com Relative Clause

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Prontos para ler um texto cheio de Relative Clauses?

Leia e interprete o diálogo a seguir, analisando o uso dos pronomes relativos nas falas das personagens. Depois, responda às perguntas propostas.

Looking at an old photograph

Lucy: Mom, look what I found! It is an old picture of you and some friends.

Carol: Oh, my God, let me see that! This is the house where I used to live in the 80s.

Lucy: It looks so big. Who is this girl next to you?

Carol: This is the girl who used to be my best friend. I haven’t seen her in a long time.

Lucy: Why?

Carol: The reason why we haven’t seen each other in a long time is the man in the photo.

Lucy: Who is this man?

Carol: This is the man who made us get into a huge fight.

Lucy: Why?

Carol: Well, we both fell in love with him.

Lucy: What? Does dad know this?

Carol: Honey, this is your dad. Don’t you recognize the man that raised you?

Lucy: What? Wow, he is so young and different here. Okay, now the fight makes sense.

Carol: Yeah…

Lucy: Whose dog is this in your lap?

Carol: It was my dog. He passed away a couple of years later. He was very old.

Lucy: Oh, I’m sorry, mom. So, I guess this photo which I found in those old boxes doesn’t bring the best memories, huh?

Carol: Yeah… Honey, don’t worry.


1. Where did Carol and her friends take that old photo?

2. Who is the girl next to Carol in the photo?

3. Why don’t Carol and her friend see each other for a long time?

4. Who is the man in the photo?

5. Whose dog is in the picture? 6. Where did Lucy find that photo?

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