Texto com Past Perfect Continuous

Hora de treinar a interpretação de texto com o Past Perfect Continuous. Leia o texto abaixo com atenção e faça os exercícios propostos.

Girls’ night

Linda and I made dinner together last night. We had wanted to have a girls’ night for a long time. I am glad it finally worked out because I was worried about her. Since her cat died, she hadn’t been feeling too well, and I thought this was a great opportunity to cheer her up a little. While Linda was chopping the vegetables and I was frying the chicken, I asked her what she had been doing lately. She told me she had been trying to spare her mind. So, she joined a cooking class. That was why she wanted to cook this recipe last night. She had been training very hard because she learned a cooking contest would take place at the end of the course. I was happy to know she had a new goal. So, I stopped worrying so much after that. We had a delicious dinner and an awesome movie night. It was great! I missed my best friend!


  1. Why had the girls wanted to have a girls’ night?
  2. Why hadn’t Linda been feeling too well?
  3. What had Linda been doing lately?
  4. What had Linda been trying to do lately?
  5. What had Linda been training for?

Para finalizar, teste seus conhecimentos com as perguntas abaixo:

  1. Em que situações podemos utilizar o Past Perfect Continuous?
  2. Qual é a estrutura do Past Perfect Continuous nas frases afirmativas?
  3. Qual é a estrutura do Past Perfect Continuous nas frases negativas?
  4. Qual é a estrutura do Past Perfect Continuous nas frases interrogativas?
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