Simple Past vs. Present Perfect: exercícios

Neste artigo, você viu em detalhe como o simple past e o present perfect se relacionam e seus usos adequados. Agora é a hora de praticar. Anote as suas respostas, confira o gabarito nos comentários e não deixe de comentar suas dúvidas. Shall we start? 🙂

Simple Past or Present Perfect?

Escolha entre o simple past ou present perfect para conjugar os verbos:

I have always been very fit and healthy, and I have never had a serious illness. However, a couple of weeks ago, I caught the flu. Until then, I couldn’t realize how bad having the flu was. I __________ [to have] a high temperature for nearly a week, and my whole body __________ [to hurt]. I don’t think I __________ [ever; to feel] so miserable. It’s taking me ages to get my strength back. It really bothers me that I __________ [not; to have] enough energy to play football since I __________ [to get] ill. In fact, I __________ [to be; already] to the doctor to ask if it’s normal to feel weak for so long. For some people, the flu can be very serious. Doctors __________ [to try] for years to find a cure for the flu, but they __________ [not; to find] one yet. Fortunately, researchers __________ [to develop] a vaccine that gives effective protection against the disease. According to my doctor, most of his elderly patients __________ [already; to receive] their flu shots.

Corrija os erros nas frases:

  1. Have you ever eat Chinese food?
  2. Mr Brown already left the office.
  3. She has moved to another city last year.
  4. We haven’t been abroad since a year.
  5. They have sent out the invitations yet.
  6. The lesson has started ten minutes ago.
  7. Jack hasn’t seen Jill since she has graduated.

Faça uma pergunta adequada:

  1. Simon ordered a pizza.
  2. The pupils were in the gym.
  3. She has sent an invitation card. [transforme em pergunta]
  4. The children have cleaned their teeth.
  5. The thief stole the handbag.
  6. Matthew looked after the baby.
  7. He has missed the school bus. [transforme em pergunta]
  8. I woke up at 8 o’clock.
  9. You have understood the text. [transforme em pergunta]
  10. We’ve worked in a snack bar.
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