Past Perfect – exercises

Vamos praticar o Past Perfect? Separei alguns exercícios para trabalharmos neste artigo. Shall we start? 🙂

Conjugue os verbos corretamente:

Conjugue os verbos usando o Past Perfect ou o Simple Past.

1. We __had already eaten___ (to eat) when John came home.
2. Last year Juan ________passed____________ (pass) all his exams.

3. When I ____________________ (get) to the airport I remembered I had left my passport at home.
4. I went to the library eating the ice cream I ____________________ (buy) before studying.
5. I opened my handbag to find that I ____________________ (lost) my credit card.
6. When we ____________________ (arrive) at the station, the train had already left.
7. We got home to find that someone ____________________ (break) into the house.
8. I opened the fridge and noticed someone ____________________ (eat) all my chocolate.
9. I had known my husband for three years when we ____________________ (get) married.
10. Julie was very pleased to see that John ____________________ (clean) the kitchen.
11. When he ____________________ (arrive) at the party, Julie had just left.
12. After arriving home, I realised I ____________________ (not; buy) any milk.
13. The laundry was wet – it ____________________ (rain) while I was out.
14. William felt ill last night because he ____________________ (eat) too many cakes.
15. Keiko ____________________ (meet) William last September.
16. First I tidied the flat, then I ____________________ (sit) down and had a cup of coffee.
17. John ____________________ (play) the piano when he was a child, but he doesn’t play now.
18. When I opened the curtains the sun was shining but the ground was white. It ____________________ (snow) during the night.
19. When Julie got home from her holiday, her flat was a mess. John ____________________ (have) a party.

Let’s have another batch!

Don’t forget: você pode conjugar os verbos usando o Simple Past ou o Present Perfect:

1. When I arrived at the cinema, the film ______________ (already; start).
2. She ______________ (live) in China before she went to Thailand.
3. If you ________________ (listen) to me, you would have gotten the job.
4. Julie didn’t arrive until after I ________________ (leave).
5. The garden was dead because it ________________ (be) dry all summer.
6. He ________________ (meet) her somewhere before.
7. We were late for the plane because we ________________ (forget) our passports.
8. She told me she ________________ (study) a lot for the exam.
9. The grass was yellow because it ________________ (not; rain) all summer.
10. The lights went off that night because we ________________ (not; pay) the electricity bill.
11. The children ________________ (not; do) their homework, so they were in trouble.
12. They ________________ (not; eat) all day, so we went to a restaurant.
13. We couldn’t go into the concert because we ________________(not; bring) our tickets.
14. She said that she ________________ (never; be) to the UK before.
15. Julie and Anne ________________ (not; meet) before the party.
16. He ________________ (not; use) email before, so I showed him how to use it.
17. You ______________ (not; study) for the test, so you were very nervous.

Practicing questions

Agora, para cada frase, faça uma pergunta para a parte selecionada em negrito. Aqui, a coerência fala mais alto, e nem sempre uma resposta coerente significa que você usará o mesmo tempo verbal da resposta. Sinta-se livre para escolher coerentemente entre o Simple Past e o Past Perfect:

1. No, Julie and Anne hadn’t met before the party. – Did Julie and Anne know each other?
2. Julie didn’t arrive until after I had left. – Did you see Julie at the party?

3. When I opened the curtains, the sun was shining but the ground was white. It had snowed during the night.
4. She had lived in China before she went to Thailand.
5. We were late for the plane because we had forgotten our passports.
6. No. When we arrived at the station, the train had already left.
7. Keiko met William last September.
8. The laundry is wet – it rained while I was out.

Easy, right? Comenta aqui embaixo caso surja alguma dúvida. It’ll be a pleasure to help you 🙂

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