Texto em inglês 98 – What is your dream destination?


My dream destination to travel to is Japan. I have never been to Japan before but I have seen many pictures and videos. It looks really interesting and fun! Japan has a lot of vending machines for food and drinks as well as many seafood restaurants. My favorite food is sushi so I would love to try sushi prepared by a master sushi chef. I am most interested in sightseeing animals in Japan. They have a rabbit island where there are hundreds of rabbits that live freely. There is also a deer park where the deer are fed by tourists who visit. I would love to visit these places in Japan one day because I love animals. I am also really interested in the Japanese culture. There are many historical interactive parks where they teach you about what life was like in Japan in the past. Japan also has a lot of really good food and shopping areas. I can’t wait to travel to Japan one day!


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