Texto em inglês 87 – There are many ways to experience a story. For example: book, movie, TV show, spoken, radio, podcast, video game. What is your favorite way to experience a story?


There are many ways to experience a story, but my favorite way is through reading a book. Although watching a movie or listening to the radio is much faster and easier to understand, the experience of reading a book is much more unique and special to me. I like holding a book in my hand and listening to the sound of the pages turn. When I read the story, I get to take as much time as I need to fully understand what the author is saying. My favorite part is using my imagination to create my version of the story in my head. I get to choose what the characters and the setting look and sound like based on the descriptions in the book. I find that makes stories much more interesting to me because it makes me feel like I’m also writing the story as I read. It’s really nice to take a few hours out of my day to relax and use my imagination to be in an imaginary place.


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