Texto em inglês 86 – Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?


One of Jennifer’s favorite things to do on her day off of work is to go shopping. However, instead of going to the mall, she prefers to go to thrift shops to buy second-hand clothes. Some people don’t like to buy second-hand clothes because it was previously owned, but that’s one of the reasons why Jennifer likes it better than buying from a regular store. She believes there is much more love and memories in clothes that have been worn before. There are many styles from older generations that can’t be found in stores if they aren’t considered trending. The wide variety of clothes at thrift stores gives Jennifer a lot more options to choose from when shopping, which she finds more exciting. Her favorite part of thrifting is the possibility of finding a unique article of clothing that no one else has. Sometimes, she even likes to look for clothing that she can sew into something special and become a one-of-a-kind piece that only she owns.


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