Texto em inglês 66 – Is your country expansive?


The USA is a very expansive country. Depending on where you are, the weather, environment, social culture, and accent can be completely different from another place. If you arrive in Los Angeles, California in the winter, there might be some rain and wind but it will not be that cold especially compared to other countries where it snows annually. But if you travel to Helena, Montana in the winter, the snowfall can reach as high as twenty-five feet and many parts of the land will be untouched by city life. And if you go to New York City, New York in the winter, it will snowing and extremely cold like Helena but packed with people on subways and countless buildings and businesses on every street.

Even within the same state, just traveling from city to city the environment both geographically and socially completely changes. But this individuality is one of the biggest charms of the USA. There is always something to do or see wherever you are in the USA.


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