Texto em inglês 61 – How cold is the winter in your country?


For many people, winter is a dreaded season with lots of snow, heavy wind, and below-freezing temperatures. But I have never experienced that. I have lived in Los Angeles, California my whole life, and the winters here are completely different.

In Southern California, winters have moderate rain and lots of wind at most. Here it doesn’t snow or drop below thirty degrees Fahrenheit even at its coldest temperatures. As much as I would love to enjoy a snow day, I much prefer the winters here because it’s rarely too cold to go outside and do something.

The weather in Southern California is one of my favorite things about living here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Living in an area with generally moderate weather all year long allows me the freedom to do whatever I want throughout the year with little trouble. However, I do enjoy a nice cabin trip in the mountains for some snow occasionally!


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