Texto com Substantivos em Inglês

Hello, student!

Have you been busy like a bee lately?

Então, que tal fazer uma pequena pausa para relembrar os substantivos em inglês?

Leia o texto a seguir, prestando atenção aos tipos de substantivos grifados, e responda às perguntas.


According to the National Wildlife Federation, there are over 20,000 bee species worldwide. Like all insects, a bee’s body is divided into three parts: a head with two antennae, a thorax with six legs, and an abdomen.

Bees begin life as eggs, which hatch into larvae the feed and pupate and eventually emerge in their adult form, where they visit flowers to feed on and gather nectar and pollen.

However, something most people don’t know is that, unlike the hive-forming domesticated honeybee or wild bumble bee species, most bees are solitary nesters. They don’t form hives, create honey, or live a communal lifestyle.

Also, bees feed on sugary nectar and protein-rich pollen from flowering plants and perform a critical act of pollination. In fact, in the United States, bees pollinate a staggering 80 percent of all flowering plants, including approximately 75 percent of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown.

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Unfortunately, both domesticated honeybees and many native bee species are in decline due to habitat destruction, disease, agricultural and lawn and garden practices, use of pesticides, habitat fragmentation, changes in land use, invasive species, and climate change.

(Fonte: Bees – National Wildlife Federation <https://www.nwf.org/Educational-Resources/Wildlife-Guide/Invertebrates/Bees>)

  1. Who said there are over 20,000 bee species worldwide?
  2. Is this organization’s name a common or proper noun?
  3. What are the three bee’s body parts mentioned in the text?
  4. Are these body parts common or proper nouns?
  5. According to the text, bees begin life as eggs. Are these words concrete or abstract nouns?
  6. How are solitary nester bees different from other bees?
  7. What is a hive of bees? Is this word a collective noun?
  8. How do bees perform a critical act of pollination?
  9. What do bees pollinate in the United States? Your answer must include three plural nouns from the text.

Why are bees in decline?

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