Texto em Inglês 77 – Do you like flowers?


My favorite gift to receive on Valentine’s Day is flowers. This may appear as a cliche gift but I find flowers to be very thoughtful and sweet. Not to mention they smell really nice and are beautiful decor for any table. Every time I receive flowers from my partner, I feel really happy and appreciated by my partner.

Some people don’t like receiving flowers because it feels too cheesy or boring for them. But I don’t think a gift should be about how extravagant or expensive something is in order to be a high-quality gift. I believe what makes a gift a good gift is if it either reminds you of your partner or because you know it is something your partner really love. So it makes me really happy when I receive flowers because it shows me that my partner not only cares about me but also takes the time to listen to me when I tell them something matters to me.


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