Exercícios do Passive Voice

Exercícios com Passive voice.

Bem-vindo ao seu Exercícios do Passive Voice

1.The letter (send) by Mary yesterday.
2.The car (wash) every Sunday by Tom.
3.The cake (bake) by Susan for the party.
4.The novel (write) by Mark Twain in the 19th century.
5.The message (deliver) to my office yesterday.
6.The book (read) by all the students last week.
7.The concert (attend) by thousands of fans last night.
8.The house (build) by the construction company next year.
9.The news (broadcast) on television every evening.
10.The document (print) by the secretary last night.
11.The speech (give) by the president at the conference.
12.The solution (find) by the scientist to the complex problem.
13.The movie (direct) by Christopher Nolan last summer.
14.The mistake (make) by the student was easily corrected.
15.The song (sing) by a famous artist at the award ceremony.
16.The project (complete) by the team ahead of schedule.
17.The question (ask) by the teacher in class yesterday.
18.The coffee (brew) by the barista every morning.
19.The play (perform) by the theater group last weekend.
20.The decision (make) by the committee last month.

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