Texto em Inglês 82 – Who used to be your hero when you were young?


Growing up, my mom has always been my biggest hero. As a single mother, she proved to me that anything was possible with enough hard work and determination. I used to watch her work two jobs six days a week and come home extremely tired, but she never once complained about how hard things were for her. My mom was my biggest supporter and allowed me to pursue all of my dreams, even when she knew we didn’t have the money to pay for things like sports uniforms or musical instruments. The only thing that mattered to my mom was that I was happy and we had food on the table. Now as an adult, I’m so grateful for my mom and how much she sacrificed in order to give me the best childhood she could. I wish I hadn’t taken her efforts for granted and thanked her more when I was younger to show my appreciation.


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